・A super hard alloy known as “Z-alloy” results in a stroner resistance to blade-wear.

・Due to the difference in wear speed between hard alloy and steel, the blade becomes sharper with further use.

In pursuit of the ideal shape of tiller-blades as they wear down.

To prevent the deterioration in tiller performance resulting from blade wear, we undertook an exhaustive study of the shape of worn-down blades to determine their ideal shape.

Model: Z2545
Price: $19.14
(1set: L-type=1Qty,R-type=1Qty)

Kaiteki Plus One

・A spherical surface to smoothly push the soil.

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Kaiteki Z-Plus One

・Welding of hard alloy and spherical surface.

・Kaiteki Z-Plus One is our supreme blade with ultra-high durability.

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