Environmental Initiatives

Fundamental Principles for Environmental Protection

Based upon our objective in our mission statement “providing superior implements for the enrichment of agricultural industry” Kobashi Industries Co. Ltd hereby states that we shall significantly contribute to the agricultural industry in Japan, which creates multiple positive efforts such as ensuring a stable supply of higher quality of food that becomes a basis of our healthy lifestyle, conserving the land and environment, and disseminating cultural values. We shall contribute to the continuous development of our society and to the environmental protection through our corporate activities, in pursuit of a harmonious eco-balance between nature and society.

Environmental Policy

  1. We shall take the environmental initiative as one of our core management tasks, and be more active in it.
  2. We shall strive to develop eco-friendly products with consideration of low-fuel consumption, resource conservation, and environmental protection.
  3. We shall promote measures for energy conservation, and contribute to environmental protection in local communities. In particular, we shall
     a) enhance energy and resource conservation;
     b) reduce industrial waste and promote recycling; and
     c) prevent water pollution, and reduce air pollution, vibration noise, and stench.
  4. We shall comply with environmental laws.
  5. We shall build an environmental management system and make efforts to continuously improve its effectiveness.
  6. All employees of Kobashi Industries Co. Ltd. shall comply with this policy.

September 20, 2014 Kobashi INDUSTRIES Co. Ltd.