Cyber Harrow

・Suitable for both small and large-scale farms

・Multi-purpose harrowing

・Folding harrow

・Compact and low price

Equipped with Flow Control System, soil and muddy water flows are controlled at each stage from the front to the back of the harrow. This lightweight harrow is foldable and is easy to move and store. Even in a busy farming season, it allows a comfortable operation in a wide range of fields.

Liner Harrow

Standardized soil-puddling harrow with high-speed and a high degree of precision.

The use of a soil-puddling harrow is essential in rice-paddy cultivation. We upgraded the basic function of the Liner Harrow(Japanese-English) to satisfy the operational requirements of soil puddling. The Liner Harrow was created to fill the need for a low-cost, light and strong harrow, so that professional rice farmers will be completely satisfied with its superior quality and performance.